The Biggest Problem With Electronic Commerce and How You Can Fix it
Posted by admin | March 26, 2019

The Biggest Problem With Electronic Commerce and How You Can Fix it

As tempted as consumers may be, to leap into this new world of electronic commerce. To relax at home and make all their shopping online. They still have some concerns. Actually, anyone who hasn’t tried online shopping yet has his own too. But there’s a particular concern they all have in common. It’s the only major thing that’s still holding back electronic commerce. Surely, the lack of good content and the wrong use of social media and SEO will lead to poor sales. But this isn’t the scenario we’re talking about here. People are still hesitant to shop online even with all the rich content available. The only reason keeping them from clicking that buy button is the issue of trust. So how can you as a merchant gain their trust? How should you customize your electronic commerce website? And how can you convert your daily visitors into loyal customers?

Here are the biggest trust issues of electronic commerce and how you can fix them:

1- Products: It’s harder for people to buy a product online. Because of the barrier standing between them and that product (their screens). Usually, consumers like to get an up-close look at the item before buying.

Solution: There’s no ultimate solution here. No matter what you do, your customer still won’t be able to touch, smell, taste or try on your products. The best thing you can do is to provide a number of clear images for each product from different angles. With honest and accurate descriptions. Adding customer reviews is always a plus.

2- Shipping and delivery: Another factor leading to distrust in electronic commerce. Especially if their costs weren’t clarified early on. Customers will feel like you’re sneaking up on them, with these extra costs.

Solution: Make your costs clear and visible upfront.

3- Registration: People don’t like giving their personal information to make a purchase. Not to mention, the process may be long and boring, which could lead to leaving the checkout page.

Solution: Be very concise. Ask only for details that are vital to completing an electronic commerce transaction. Ex: A contact number or email, shipping and billing info.

4- Privacy: Privacy is of utmost importance to a lot of people. Even though security is equally important. Some people are willing to risk it for the sake of their privacy. There are many ways to gather data online with and without the consumer’s consent. Thus arises the fear of breaches.

Solution: Guarantee your customers’ privacy with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Also, make sure to post a full and clear privacy policy page.

5- Security: Finally, the issue of security during checkout procedures. This becomes harder for electronic commerce websites with a huge customer base. The more people registering to the website, the harder it is to protect their data. Customers’ data may face being sold or altered for identity theft purposes. If there’s even the slightest risk of that happening, your customer won’t make the purchase.

Solution: Partner with a strong payment gateway to get the best risk management tools. And let your customers know who your partners are for extra assurance.


Trust is an essential component in the electronic commerce business. It is the most important feature about online shopping. So for that to take off and reach its full potential. All parties need to feel safe conducting business online. This includes (consumers, merchants, and financial institutions). While some companies follow the above regulations, others might still need some assistance. Contact Us if you need a secure payment gateway for your electronic commerce website.