Where Will Online Payment Be 5 Years From Now?
Posted by admin | March 26, 2019

Where Will Online Payment Be 5 Years From Now?

People have become more and more familiar with the term “Online Payment” than they were ten years ago. For the last decade, online payment has been gradually taking over and as much as some of us would hate to admit it, it might actually be replacing our wallets very soon. Still feeling a little cynical about all this? Here are a few predictions that may change your mind about online payment:

Online Payment Will Be All About What Customers Want

In any line of business, customer service always comes first. Sadly, online payment has not yet reached this level of service, as most online stores offer payment methods that work for them, rather than granting their customers the choice to pay however and whenever they want. Still, it is believed that in the near future people will be able to shop and pay online using their preferred payment option.

User Experience Will Become More Seamless

Even though mobile transactions are highly increasing, some people still like to view their purchase and place their order on a large screen. In fact, PCs have higher conversion rates than tablets or mobiles do, yet online stores are focusing all their attention on mobile applications, which made their user experience that much different on each channel. However, this will all be changing soon and customers will benefit from same user experience on different devices.

More Online Stores Will Adopt the Buy and Pay Later Idea

A new checkout service is emerging, -in association with other companies- some online stores allow you to make your purchase, without having to pay in advance, these companies will provide you with instant credit, based on information about you, and your online shopping behavior, which they collect through your email address, to help them decide whether you are qualified for the loan or not. The company will give you two to three weeks to pay your bill. By that time you will already have received your purchase. This guarantees that you get your money back, in case you don’t receive your order or you get the wrong one.

It might take time for some people to accept that online payment exists, but eventually, they will. After all, isn’t that the case for every trend? Besides, who needs to carry a wallet with all these payment facilities? Check out our online payment Service Features and let us know in the comments section below, how long do you think it will take for the online payment to rule the world?

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