The Story: When Gate2Play became HyperPay
Posted by admin | March 26, 2019

The Story: When Gate2Play became HyperPay

Every Company has a story and so do we, the difference here is, our story is written under two titles.
We were previously known as Gate2Play the first online one stop-shop for online merchants in the Middle East.
We were more than just an online payment hub, we acted as a facilitator for online merchants as they seek to localize their services, we operated a specialized professional support centre for online services as well.

We even provided gaming cards (Zinga) and many more, also developed a social networking site dedicated for Arabs.
Our online services included monitoring, community management, forums marketing and support systems using live chat and emails.
And much more, to the point where Gate2Play “Brought the Middle-Man Back” and that was our slogan.
We played the role of the Middle-Man between The Merchants and Their Customers/Their Banks.
As mentioned, the name changed, BUT the team remained.
Our team alone got more than 15 years of solid experience in the payments and online services industry, their edge among other providers and competitors is their derived solutions from problems and obstacles faced during their working years.

At the beginning, Gate2Play paid extra attention to the online gaming sector, providing merchants and online gamers the best and safest technology for their online gaming experience, securing the customers information and helping merchants fully understand everything they need to know about payment gateways, but never went exclusive since the team’s knowledge and experience can serve many e-commerce industries that were in need of Gate2Play services.

In 2014, we continued writing the story, in a different ink.
We saw the problems the market was facing and the need the market was in. We knew how to help them.
Therefor we changed our mission and became a company that partners not compete.
With one of the fastest, and most secure online payment processing technologies available (thanks to our partner PayOn) we are able to cover the needs of any online merchant out there, partnering with a big number of banks across the MENA region, serving big names in the market and owning a big market share.

Our Slogan represent our service now “HyperFast and Secure”…. So we became HyperPay.
The Fastest Growing Online Payment Service Provider in the Middle East.
With that being said, we want to continue what we are doing, keep providing one of the best services out there, sharing our knowledge and assisting as many businesses regardless of their size, to the MENA region and beyond.