Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on your company registration country, and we
serve in Jordan, Egypt, KSA, Lebanon, and UAE, each has
different pricing structure, for more details, please contact

Yes, we serve mainly all online services.

Check out our career page and apply directly to the available vacancies listed on our page. 

At the moment we do not have any acquiring banks in Palestine, so we will not be able to offer you our online payment solution.

Yes, we sure do. Please contact tech support: tech@hyperpay.com 

Yes, you can reach tech support by contacting the team on: tech@hyperpay.com

24/7, our team is always connected and available.

Yes of course, our online payment solution fully support all payment options we offer, as to the SDK, it only supports the credit card payment options.

Of course, if you can send an email to BD@hyperpay.com, our team will introduce the technical team and they shall share with the full API as well as sample codes, for PHP and many other languages.

We offer different payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, OneCard, CashU, PaySafeCard, AMEX, and SADAD

We have a line of features that we can offer you as a merchant, to start with the no-redirection to any other pages outside the merchant website, we also offer the tokenization (One-Click) payment options. As well as, the option of recurring billing and full SKD.

HyperPay payment integration is designed to cater to all kind of programming languages, sample codes can be offered to merchants with all languages.

HyperPay will provide a full admin area (Control Panel) that shows each transaction with all details, live and up to date. There is also a dedicated app for merchants to view and monitor details of their account transactions, on their mobile devices. 

HyperPay is fully PCD DSS, Level One, version Three, which is the top secure measurement in the online payment.

HyperPay is the only PSP that offers all kind of payment options, such as Prepaid Payment options, PayPal, and Mobile Payment.

This depends on the acquiring bank and the company registration country, as each has its own requirements.